It all began when I decided to match my passion for handbags with my love for all things customized, I´ve always loved the idea of having the name or initials on everything! In 2017, while trying to balance my profession with a new family life, I was inspired to found my own brand of custom clutches under my name – Susana Kumar. Our products celebrate personality and style because I don’t believe clutches are solely party accessories (at least ours aren´t)! Our designs are suited for any event or time of day, whether formal or casual, you decide how you want it, with your name, initials, image… there are so many options that is difficult to choose, we have a team that will be happy to help you create your clutch as you like, they will assist you with anything you might need. Our products are always made by hand using top quality materials,


The founder

Susana Kumar is a Spanish brand that is synonyms with unique accessory designs. We might have similar styles but we are all different and our clutches are a reflection of our personalities.

Susana Kumar